Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The cake really isn't a lie

Again the achievements have driven me to get some more completion in things. This time it's cooking and the possibilty of being an 'Outland Gourmet'. I discovered I had most of the recipes already, and a quick trip to Worlds End Tavern and the Sporregar got me the last of the ones that could be bought. Switching my quest reward from the crate of meat to the barrel of fish picked up two of the extra recipes from there, leaving me with just the delicious chocolate cake recipe to get.

Well having picked Mana Berries again for the Rokk the crate of meat the final recipe dropped which meant I could complete two cooking achievements. Bring on the expansion which means I should be able to get a third title to go along with the Shattered Sun and Hallowed ones I've already picked up.


Rakhman said...

Well that's just odd because I too got the cake recipe from the Mana Berries quest on monday!

Coincidence or something more unusual?

Mae said...

I'm jealous!! So far, for me, the cake is a lie... one big fat lie! ;) My husband has made me some, I love the fireworks effect when you eat it, but I still can't make it, no matter how many dailies I do. :( Maybe someday soon the cake won't be a lie for me too!