Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hurrah for fun GM's

Now that the arena season 2 gear has been made available for honor, it means that it's time to grind honor and BG marks to pick up those pieces that clearly blow away loot from raiding or instances.

Crash has picked up both the swords and got them enchanted with Mongoose, which should see him out until the expansion in terms of weapons. Trying them out in Karazhan last night lead to some fun results especially when our shaman healer was kind enough to drop a windfury totem for me and the warrior tanks. I know I keep mentioning this buff but I truly love it for it's sheer awesomeness.

Medrare's needs are simpler, just attempting to get the shoulders (no Atal'ai Spaulders for him) which are ridiculously good given how straightforward they are to get.

However this does mean grinding the battlegrounds, which is ok providing you can cope with the pillocks that can hang around in there and you have a clue what to do when playing your character in PvP. For Crash it's easy (yes I'm admitting at times that playing a rogue is easy but this is probably the only time), you find the squishy cloth wearer and stunlock the heck out of them and then annoy the warlock by removing all his dots in one fell swoop. With Medrare it's a bit trickier, I don't know whether to stay cat and try and claw things to death, go bear and watch people get bored trying to kill me or switch between everything and do a bit of everything. Fortunately when doing Alterac Valley this problem doesn't arrive, tank everything as if it's PvE, wait for DPS to kill stuff whilst healers keep you alive and win the match.

Any way, getting back to the title of this post, today the daily quest was for Warsong Gulch, normally I'd avoid this like the plague, but the 'For Great Honor' quest was still available for gold and makes for an easy way to make up an honor shortfall quickly. So in I went, expecting the worse but hoping for a group that would make the best of it.

As we're riding towards the Alliance base we suddenly see that our flag has been picked up and a red blur streaking ahead of us captures it before any of us have had a chance to blink. Right so some alliance kiddie has decided to employ a speed hack, well done, /golfclap, hope you feel good about yourself.

As this clearly counts as harassment I wasted no time in raising a GM ticket in the hope of at least avoiding meeting him again and standing a chance of loosing in a fair fight. Here attached for posterity are the screenshots of our conversation.

Two things to take from this:
1) My grasp of English goes out the window when typing fast to a GM
2) There really are GM's out there with a sense of humour that will help and respond.

Needless to say the GM survey was glowing after this conversation and hopefully the little wossname that was employing the speed-hack will enjoy his ban.

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