Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who doesn't love vanity pets

I've not taken advantage of all the changes that the last patch introduced, but the new vanity pet introduced from Shatari Skyguard available at exalted was something that I had to pick up.

Non-combat pets are a part of the game that I really like and something I look out for when questing around the place. My guildies are often jealous of the Sinister Squashling I managed to pick up during the last All Hallows event and running around during Orphan's Week allowed me to pick up Egbert who's manic running around can be a bit of a cause for concern when in raids.

Whilst all these pets are great they do take up extra bag slots which can cause problems especially if you need to keep hold of crafting mats, raid consumables and the like so it's good news from the expansion where pets and mounts will be a new type of spell that you learn from the original item and then can use it at any time. Will also mean that there's a chance I might use a different mount rather than the two I carry around.

Finally, if you haven't seen the current spat between BBB and BRK I hereby encourage all rogues out there to join with our druid buddies in standing up against bloggers claiming parts of the blogosphere for themselves.

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