Sunday, 21 September 2008

Pirates vs Ninjas - Tis the turn of the pirate

On 19th September most of the world takes part in the noble tradition of talking like a pirate, something we took very seriously for our Friday night Karazhan jaunt as we all arrived in pirate costumes either from Savory Deviate Delight or from visiting Booty Bay and speaking to those celebrating on the roof. Here we can see Crash in all his piratey goodness along with pet parrot.

After the raid I looked at the pet and thought, well where can I get something a bit more unique. A quick search around and the Deadmines seemed to a good bet. Having never really played an alliance character this was also a great way to see some new content and wow running that as one of your first instances would be awesome especially with the quest to explaire the place.

Anyways, on the first run, Cookie dropped his Cat and on the 3rd run through one of the pirates gave up a parrot. I also have a nice head piece should I need to use it, there's always something good about a rogue wearing some kind of facemask.

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Rakhman said...

So that's where those parrots come from. I had one warming my AH alt's bag for months before I finally shifted it.

Deadmines is an ace instance, slightly less so when you already know what's in the cave (thanks Ab), tis a pity the Horde don't get a reason to go in there, even to thank Van Cleef personally for all he is doing against the Alliance - death to the Alliance!

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