Friday, 5 September 2008

A quick loss would've been better?!

So I was playing a couple of games of Alterac Valley last night trying to gather together the last bits of honour needed for the S2 OH dagger ready for the new talent trees.

It does appear in my battle group that once you get past midday you end up with every stereotype of battleground player. There's the AFKers keeping the cave safe, the wannabe generals shouting orders regardless of who's paying attention and the whingers who complain that everyone is useless and the Horde always lose.

Having won one game, I queued up again and off we went. The Alliance played a good game and soon we were all pushed back to Frostwolf Keep and required to defend heavily. So defend we did, when rogues and druids sneaked past and tried to capture the towers we ran back, flushed them out and prevented the capture and then ran back to keep them at bay.

Do you know what, it was a lot of fun, we were organized in that chaotic way, we got healed, we took out the healers and generally made life difficult for the invaders. As the battle raged it was clear the the Alliance reinforcements were running out quicker than ours were and sure enough we won the match.

As we entered the closing stage the immortal line from the title was uttered by one of our side, the full quote as I remember it was "I would say gg, but a quick loss would of been better". I was so surprised that I completely forgot to screenshot it and managed not to say something unfortunate in battleground chat. It did make me wonder though, if you're going to play a game in such a way that a quick loss is better than an epic, well fought for win why are you playing it.

Sure when playing with complete strangers things might not always be exactly as you would like it, but if you can't try and find something to like then get out, and stop causing me to fill up my ignore list with people who feel the need to spout off about how wrong everyone else is for trying to enjoy the game.

Anyways I've now bought the dagger so I can hopefully avoid these people and just hang out with all the lovely people in my guild.


Will said...

Grats on the dagger.

That said I have to agree. Why in the world would you do a BG, at all, if you are not trying to win? How did we get to the stage, in a GAME, that losing is better?

I am not a huge fan of PVP in BGs because of these little things. I will do them for the gear I need for Arena, but I really do not enjoy the time. It feels just like grinding to me, with one exception. You have to read the crap that is spouted in every BG channel. There is no point in offering advice! It drives me nuts sometimes.

Then you get those TIMES. You know the one you mentioned in your post. The one where everyone seems to work together, no one is spamming the BG channel because they are actually doing something other then typing. The one where you bust your butt to heal, dps, or 'tank' the enemy! Those are the fights that are few and far between and allow me to keep my sanity.

Those are the fights that feel as if my grind finally produced the pattern I was grinding for. Those are the fights that actually keep me coming back.

Rakhman said...

I must admit to a feeling of total relief once I had finished a PvP honour grind, relief that I wouldn't need to hang around in the BGs purely for the points.

Although sadly it seems I will have to reenter them once again soon.