Thursday, 23 October 2008

Achievements can be embarrasing

Ok, not going on the raid this evening due to extreme tiredness so when a group starts being formed for heroic Arcatraz (the daily) I figure why not. I've only tanked this instance the once but otherwise it's only been up to the key frag.

Given the changes in the last patch, it wasn't that tricky, though the first boss did give us a bit of a hard time (stupid shadow novas) we successfully fought our way through and defeated the end boss. Suddenly there's the achievement spam as we all get the heroic achievement, but in amongst that was my achievement for defeating Harbringer Skyriss, which counts as the normal achievement.

Suddenly the question comes out over vent, with a slight mocking tone, "You've not completed Arcatraz before Crash?". Well no I hadn't, I levelled up long after most of the rest of the guild and so didn't do a huge amount of instances as we were starting to raid around the time I'd have been looking to hit the instances with no-one really around and me aiming to hit 70 as soon as possible.

I don't mind really, and it's quite nice that you can get both achievements from the heroic version but soon there will be very little you can hide from those you play with regularly.


Cynra said...

Easy way to avoid the embarassment in the future (if you want). Remember, the achievements only counted if Blizzard could find a way to track them prior to implementation, such as completing a quest involving the final boss or having an item from that boss's loot table. If you didn't have either of the above, it wouldn't give you credit.

This explains why many people are being told that they never finished Wailing Caverns or the Stockades or whatever when they really did!

Rakhman said...

Don't worry, I levelled up behind most of the guild when TBC was released and I didn't get to do Sethekk, The Mechanar or Botanica. By the time I reached the level for those instances most people had moved on.

This combined with a critical lack of tanks, in those days, meant no go into those instances.

By the time I could do the TK instances, the Karazhan keying had started so it was very hard to go do them instead of a key fragment.

Thank goodness for the new championing system, it means we should be able to find people interested in going into any instance, just so long as the championing works in there.