Monday, 6 October 2008

That's annoying

Just tried to login, enter password no problem, enter code from Authenticator and again no problem when suddenly a message pops up saying I've used all my prepaid time and need to purchase some more.

Now this comes as a bit of a shock as I pay monthly by credit card so I logged into the account management website and spot that the charge for this month is still marked as pending from the 4th. A quick check on the technical support forum and it appears I'm not alone (and someone else in my guild has hit it) but there's no ETA and no indication whether the problem is understood.

I shall just have to wait and see what happens and hopefully it's only a temporary problem.

Update: Everything seems back to normal today (07/10), however checking the account management page my billing date has shifted 3 days and there's still no explanation as to what's happened. WTB apology and explanation PST.

1 comment:

Rakhman said...

What a bummer, hopefully they will restore access soon. Maybe you might get some free days credit because of this? Hardly compensation for their screw ups with the card, but all the same it would be a nice gesture.