Sunday, 15 June 2008

And then there were two

After a weekends dedicated questing Medrare hit the big 7-0 and equipped the rest of the clefthoof set in preparation for some end game tanking.

Interestingly the macro to check for critability indicates that I'm already uncritable which surprised me, but must be the resiliance that my rings and trinket along with the defense from gems. 13K health and 17K armor mean that I can probably do the early level 70 instances (mmm Steamvaults for CE rep) but Kara will have to wait awhile longer. Also given that our raid leader has decreed that characters still need to be keyed even though Blizzard have removed the attunement so I'll be running the 5 instances required by that.

I've certainly enjoyed levelling a druid, there's more variety in the fighting, plus being able to heal rather than relying on bandages or food reduces down time. The biggest advantage was running through stuff I'd already done but there were a few quests to try now the mobs were no longer elite, and I'm all set up to finish the Greatmother chain of quests in Nagrand, which is really cool given that I missed this on Crash the first time round.

Here's looking forward to some end game playing on a new character, and remember the suggestions for whispering druids randomly in game ;)

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Rakhman said...

Grats! A lifetime of instance runs and helping out tanking stuff awaits you ;-)