Sunday, 29 June 2008

Expansion rogue changes

Hot on the heals of the druid changes announced at WWI here's my view on the announced rogue changes.

Sap anything with a brain and a skull, as it was phrased, is a great boon to rogue cc in an instance and should hopefully remove problems such as that faced in karazhan where priests and hunters have to keep adds under control. Obviously this means our raid leader will give me the most awkward mob to sap and distract will resist on half the group, but it's still going to be more interesting that just attacking mobs in sequence and watching threat.

Fan of Knives is described as rogue AoE and should provide a bit of variety when questing and instancing but I don't believe that it's going to be used more than once every so often, or to annoy the mages a bit more.

Windfury, so good I can mention it again. Making it a player buff rather than a weapon buff means that it'll stack with poisons or sharpening stones for extra damage potential. Also the combination of Strength of Earth and Grace of Air means we rogues won't be denied the totem because the feral druid needs the agility more.

It'd be nice to think there's going to be some more dagger love coming up as I find sword spec a bit dull even if it's the best damage output for raids. Mutilate required so much more to play well in terms of timings and combo point management that it feels wrong that rogues aren't able to use it especially when there are those very very shiny daggers available from end game raids.

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