Thursday, 12 June 2008

I can haz WoW Blog

Right, this is going to be the generic intro post, who I am, what I play and what I might blog about. Well the who isn't that important, but I'm a IT professional who after holding out for a couple of years finally got into this crazy MMORPG world of warcraft and soon found the joy of playing and developing a character slightly addictive.

I currently (actively) play a Blood Elf Rogue (Crashandburn) and a Tauren Druid (Medrare) in a small social raiding guild on the Aszune-EU server. I've tried a couple of other classes but the appeal of being right up in a mobs face doing a lot of damage quickly really appeals, and might have some deep psychological meaning but we won't go into that.

Really I'll probably be just posting relating raiding tales from when Crash ventures in and stabs monsters, or trying to l2tank on Medrare as he finishes the levelling grind up to 70.

So come along for the ride and don't forget to Vanish when it looks like everything is about to go horribly wrong.

(and if you hadn't got the blog title reference, do a quick google for "Alamo teeches yu to play durid!", yes I could link it, but go do some work yourself)


Rakhman said...
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Rakhman said...

What I meant to say was welcome to blogger Crash! I look forward to your commentary on all stuff sneaky and tanky.