Monday, 23 June 2008

Purple is in fashion this season

Another evening, another group of brave adventurers and once again we are trying to stop the Twilight's Hammer from summoning Lord Ahune into the world and destroying it by having him fight Ragnaros.

This time was a bit more of a balanced group, feral druid, hunter, holy priest, warlock and enhancement shaman. This of course meant that I had to do the tanking which was a bit scary with the debuff that spawned elite puts on you, but having a fully equipped healer and suddenly finding myself with 16k health (Blood Pact, Fortitude and Mark of the Wild) and 21k armor was fairly useful.

Add killing was a breeze with the shaman going nuts whilst not having to worry about threat, and again playing the hybrid once meant I could go cat once the elite was down and attack the little spawns and the core once it was exposed.

This time we opened the spawned chest and lady luck smiled down on me, Icebound Cloak, no pet but a very nice tanking cloak that saves me 25badges once I get into heroics and Karazhan.


Rakhman said...

Next you'll be telling me the healing cloak I covet dropped...

Cynra said...

Congratulations on your cloak!

While my hunter could snag a couple of pieces out of the fight, my perky priestess doesn't need anything. Sadly, it's a healer that always seems to be needed more than another DPS. At least she managed to snag the pet her first night of summons!