Saturday, 21 June 2008

Playing a Hybrid

It's midsummer in Azeroth and the fire festival is in full swing along with a new summonable boss in Slave Pens. Trying it today for a chance on the epic tanking cloak which drops from him we had what was a less than optimum group (1 tankadin, 2 feral druids, 1 resto shaman, 1 BM hunter) but did manage it once, but required me to be switching around all over the place.

Most of the time I was running around in Cat form tanking down the tiny adds but given the length of the fight and the damage the group was taking our healer was finding mana a problem. The two innervates were in use and timed roughly the right amount of time apart, so that wasn't a problem shifting out, dropping the innervate and shifting back however when mine was on CD and one was still required the other druid was carefully tanking the spawned elite. ok shift to bear, taunt it off him and allow him to drop the innervate and shift back to cat once it's been taunted off me.

While we only managed the kill once, and the cloak didn't drop but it certainly opened my eyes to some of the extra difficulties to playing a class with multiple roles rather than just stabbing things with daggers/swords and trying not to steal aggro from the tank.

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